Digital Analytics Transformation

Modern Analytics and Reporting.

A successful digital analytics transformation will revolutionize the way you use data to make decisions. With efficient, centralized access to your data and no IT bottleneck, your organization can put your data to use to quickly and confidently make business-altering decisions. However, a digital analytics transformation must be approached with care to ensure data security and enterprise-wide adoption.

2nd Watch’s consultants have the experience to guide your organization through a stable, effective transformation. First, we’ll take a look at the current state of your digital analytics: which tools you’re using, who needs to access these tools, what you hope to glean from your data, etc.

Then, the 2nd Watch team will work with you to develop and implement a digital analytics transformation strategy that uniquely suits your business.

Moving to an easy-to-use analytics platform that is accessible across departments can open your organization to many improvements:


Broader awareness of the role and impact of analytics within your organization.


Understanding of how data can lead to better decision-making.


Increased cross-department collaboration.


Extensive visibility into the performance of your organization to understand where you can improve internally.


Ability to act on business opportunities as they arise and to quantify the success of those opportunities.

Contact us to discuss how 2nd Watch can help your company with a digital analytics transformation and put you on the right path to achieve your organization’s goals.

Modern Cloud Analytics Starter Kit

Dashboards Powered by Snowflake and Tableau

Snowflake and Tableau make a powerful pair in the analytics world. Snowflake was built to handle large volumes of data and Tableau complements it by enabling simple, insightful visualizations in real-time.

With increased speed-to-insight and clearer representation of key metrics, leadership can make decisions at a glance that will help your company meet and exceed your benchmarks.


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