Predictive Analytics

Modern Analytics and Reporting.

More and more companies are turning to predictive analytics solutions to revamp their business processes, from marketing to operations to logistics and more.

Using current and historic data from multiple sources to forecast future outcomes, predictive analytics puts the potential for success in the palm of your hand.

To get started with a predictive analytics solution, 2nd Watch’s trained and experienced consultants will work with you to set the foundation for a predictive analytics solution by understanding the following:

  • Which data is relevant to your needs
  • What insights you would like to glean from your data now and going forward
  • Which applications and systems your organization is already using.

Our team then develops and implements predictive analytics models that fit within your environment.

If necessary, we can augment your technology stack using our tech-agnostic model – this means we only recommend the best technologies for your particular needs.

Predictive analytics solutions can offer your organization a range of benefits:


Gain a competitive advantage by understanding how your customers will likely react to marketing campaigns or product developments.


Get ahead of potential problems with demand forecasting and risk detection.


Increase speed-to-insight with predictive analytics models that automatically detect patterns and output forecasts.


Improve decision-making confidence as predictive analytics models become increasingly accurate and valuable with the addition of new data.

Contact us to discuss how 2nd Watch can implement a predictive analytics solution that gives you access to advanced data-driven insights.

Modern Cloud Analytics Starter Kit

Dashboards Powered by Snowflake and Tableau

Snowflake and Tableau make a powerful pair in the analytics world. Snowflake was built to handle large volumes of data and Tableau complements it by enabling simple, insightful visualizations in real-time.

With increased speed-to-insight and clearer representation of key metrics, leadership can make decisions at a glance that will help your company meet and exceed your benchmarks.


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