Data Strategy

Bridge The Gap Between Technology And Business.

Data-driven organizations rely on modern data and analytics technologies to improve operations, attract new customers, increase profits, and much more. Before you can realize the value of a modern data solution, you need a well-defined enterprise data and analytics strategy.

2nd Watch’s consultants work with your team to understand your business goals and design a tech strategy to ensure success throughout the organization.

From planning to technology selection to user adoption, our team’s data strategy services will help you drive data-driven insights for the long haul.

Data Analytics Strategy Tools

Clarify your vision

We shape and crystallize your vision, and then share it across your organization.

Measure and monitor

Focus everyone on your new single source of truth.

Chart your course

Plan and budget the path to achieving your vision, anticipating likely challenges and risks.


Encourage change

Manage the people and process changes that build success.

Buy smart

Make critical buying decisions with our experience and market insights.

Drive adoption

Attain broad use of new data and analytics tools.

Modern Data Platform Quickstart

Accelerated Data-Driven Insights

Data-driven decisions require the ability to quickly and reliably analyze all of your data. Building a modern data foundation for business intelligence and predictive analytics will ensure your organization can make better decisions now and in the future.


Data Strategy Industry Use Cases


With the wealth of data available in the industry, healthcare organizations must start with a solid data management strategy.
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Private Equity

A thoughtful approach to a private equity firm’s analytics strategy is key to making smart, data-focused acquisition decisions.
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Because the insurance industry is so broad, each insurance company’s data and analytics journey requires a unique data strategy.
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Manufacturing companies are experiencing a new industrial revolution, spurred by the introduction of modern data strategies.
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