Snowflake Solution Architecture

2nd Watch Whiteboarding Session.

A 2nd Watch whiteboarding session is a great way to begin to crystallize the design and architecture of your future state data and analytics environment. Working collaboratively with you and your team, our 2nd Watch data architecture consultants will guide you through a process to drive out a modern data platform that supports reporting, integration, and advanced analytics use cases.

A 2nd Watch Whiteboard Session Can Help You:

  • Create a plan to move from a complex ecosystem into an extensible and flexible Snowflake environment
  • Simplify a complex technical infrastructure in your current state
  • Understand the path from legacy ETL migration to future state data engineering workloads
  • Unify divergent internal opinions about your future technical architecture
  • Centralize and unify your data with a governance and adoption plan using a “build small and iterate” approach
  • Leverage our diverse technology partner ecosystem to find the right complementary tools, from visualization to AI/ML


Whiteboarding sessions are an invaluable way to get started on the path to data modernization with Snowflake.