Snowflake Value Accelerator

Accelerate the value of your Snowflake Investment.

From user adoption to data architecture optimization, 2nd Watch’s Snowflake Value Accelerator will help you get the full value out of your Snowflake investment.

Snowflake’s groundbreaking cloud-based data warehouse helps you drive valuable insights from data across your organization. 2nd Watch’s team of trained and certified Snowflake data experts can accelerate time to value, increase performance, and control costs.

The Benefits of a Snowflake Value Accelerator:

Audit your current state

A full analysis of your current Snowflake environment and connected technologies.

Control compute costs

Cost control through compute, storage, and virtual warehouse optimizations.

Apply best practices

Performance best practices applied to your Snowflake codebase and architecture.

Drive adoption

Assurance that your organization has the right processes in place to drive user adoption.

During a typical Snowflake Value Accelerator engagement, we’ll work

closely with your team to optimize your data architecture through:


Data Model Analysis

Often overlooked, organizing your information into a mature data model will allow for high-performance SQL scripting and better caching potential.


Strategic Loading

2nd Watch will analyze your ingestion pipelines to verify the ROI of your ETL process, define reusable templates, and suggest alternative approaches when necessary.


Performance Tuning

The top issues driving costs in a Snowflake deployment are poorly written code and inefficient data models. Rather than increasing the size (and therefore the cost), 2nd Watch will focus time on improving your SQL scripts, optimizing your data model, and defining a compute allocation strategy.


Sizing Analysis

Take advantage of the native ability to instantly scale, create, and optimize your compute resources, and define a business process to effectively manage it.


Security Assessment

With Snowflake’s role-based security model, 2nd Watch will work with you to define a flexible security hierarchy within your organization. For organizations with more robust security needs, we will help enable single-sign-on (SSO) through your identity provider of choice and design a row-level security system in Snowflake to secure data across all consumers.


Usage Tracking

Snowflake preserves a massive amount of usage data for analysis. 2nd Watch will help identify and justify your different workflows.


User Adoption

2nd Watch can ensure your organization has the right training and processes in place to enable your business to effectively use Snowflake for reporting, dashboarding, running data science workloads, and sharing data.

A Tech Stack That
Works for You

Our tech-agnostic approach means we can optimize your Snowflake environment with most of the leading technologies.

Here are some of the technologies our team will use to build the right solution for your organization’s unique situation.

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