Dataiku Consulting Partner

Enabling self-service data science and machine learning capabilities.

Turn your raw data into sharp insights for today and tomorrow with Dataiku’s self-service data science solutions and 2nd Watch’s analytics expertise. 

2nd Watch is proud to be a Dataiku consulting partner and to collaborate with this self-service analytics and machine learning platform.

Using this powerful, visual platform, businesses can enable self-service end-to-end data workflows for operationalizing data integration and machine learning.

Our Dataiku consultants will enable your data professionals to concentrate on data manipulation using this self-service, point-and-click solution – while also allowing data science professionals to extend and incorporate it into more traditional methods.

2nd Watch’s Dataiku consultants specialize in advanced analytics and data science to empower businesses to utilize Dataiku’s easily maintainable, high-powered machine learning solution through:


Data Preparation Workflow

Bring in disparate data sources, apply recipes, and leverage a rules-based workflow engine to remove the manual, repetitive work of preparing data for integration.


Maximized Data Science Adoption

Use Dataiku’s unique strengths to maximize data science and machine learning adoption in your organization to create a cohesive and transparent analytics strategy.


Implementation Planning

Tailor your project strategies to ensure your Dataiku implementation is efficient and effective through visual prototyping iterations.


Python/R/SAS/SPSS Conversions

Convert machine learning algorithms into relevant tools that encourage greater connectivity and increased analytics accuracy.


Analytics & BI Integration

Simple integration with cloud and on-premise databases and analytics tools to provide a single source of truth for historical data, predictive results, and training data for your machine learning models.


Advanced Proofs-of-Concept

Explore highly focused proofs-of-concept to allow you to evaluate the benefits Dataiku brings to your organization.


Machine Learning Optimization

Optimize your machine learning algorithms and pipelines to improve data and algorithm quality.

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